Policy and Procedure Management-A lot Like Dating

By Courtney Rothe posted 08-14-2013 18:45


Policy and Procedure Management-A lot Like Dating

Creation-Part I

Although the main objectives are always pretty simple, policy and procedure management is a complicated task and often times can be difficult to fully grasp and understand. Keeping up with your company’s commitment to compliance is usually the first objective, properly training your employees being another and last but not least, doing all of this in the most productive manner possible is yet another objective for this lengthy task. Without the help of modern methods, software applications and other useful management tools creating company policies and procedures can definitely be a tedious, labor-intensive process for all parties involved.

With that being said, it’s obvious that the method or approach used to tackle such a daunting chore is almost just as important as the task itself. Sure, there are plenty of ways to view the policy and procedure management process but when each phase is examined individually the task becomes much more relatable overall. The more relatable something is the better you understand it’s key components thus enabling one to fully capitalize on the opportunity. How can we make policy and procedure management more relatable you ask? Simple. We’ll relate it to something virtually everyone can understand.

Policy and Procedure Management- A lot Like Dating


Yes, that’s right the three stages of policy and procedure management are a lot like dating. Who knew, right?

Both scenarios can be funneled into 3 phases or “stages” and then focused on individually:


Creation                Distribution               Acknowledgement


The Creation Phase: Planning, Drafting and Reviewing

All successful relationships and policy management processes had to start somewhere. It was in the beginning that the strong foundation for the future was created so naturally, we’ll start there.

 ”The First Move”

This is where company policies are planned, brought to life and reviewed before distributed. It is essential that all policies and procedures are properly planned in accordance to regulatory compliance regulations and industry standards. This due dilligence ensures the future of your company and idealizes long term goals. It’s pretty simple; you are planning for your company’s future and setting up employees for success.

Taking the time to plan your company’s “first move” toward policy and procedure compliance is a lot like the serious contemplation that goes into planning a flawless pick up line. Finding the perfect approach is just as important here. The way things unfold in this stage determine the outcome and future of your efforts.With sweaty palms, a stomach full of butterflies, and a smooth introduction of course, you set your self up for success.

“The Picture-Perfect First Date”

From a compliance standpoint, this phase is also where the policies are skillfully crafted and procedures are carefully outlined. The act of creating company policies is just as crucial as planning the perfect first date. During the creation of policies it is essential that all boxes are checked and every requirement is met but doing so is no easy task.

When it comes to first dates, and doing them right, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is key. Although previous methods may have worked in the past, it doesn’t mean it’s the best method to use now. The same thing can be said about the policy and procedure management process, your out-of-the box thinking and the adoption of new methods can make all the difference in your company’s commitment to compliance. Utilize new compliance software solutions that offer different collaboration tools and unique features such as audit trails to make communication and drafting simple.

“Last Minute Polishing-One Last Look Before You Hit the Door “


Once policies and procedures are drafted, they are distributed to administrators for review and approval.  We like to think of this last minute policy polishing as the final touches before the perfect first date. It’s one more quick glance in the mirror before you head out the door. It’s applying your favorite shade of lipstick or shining your best shoes in effort to top off all of your hard work. Making the most of each stage has lead you to this point so why stop now? Don’t be afraid to explore new policy management methods and uncover their unique tools. Certain methods, such as policy and procedure software templates offer unique features that can take your process to the next level.

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