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How shopping for ECM is just like buying a suit

There was no other option than for me to do this myself...It occurred to me that I was now in the same position as many people when they are shopping for an enterprise content management (ECM) solution

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Enterprise File Sync & Share Should Just Go Away

Gartner released their 2 nd annual Enterprise File Sync & Share Magic Quadrant (EFSS MQ) recently (2015-07-22)...File synchronization and sharing capabilities are required for doing business today

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A Little Bit About Me

I have been a dues paying AIIM member for a decade, have overseen the evolution of ECM in my organization for 15 years, and I consume an array of business, technology and IT related news & information

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Gartner ersetzt ECM durch Content Services

Michael Woodbridge von Gartner hat es nun offiziell gemacht - Gartner ersetzt für ihre Studien und den Quadranten den Begriff ECM Enterprise Content Management durch Content Services. " ECM is Dead !"

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SharePoint by Way of ECM

Prior to joining Perficient, I was the ECM Practice Director at Canon Technology Solutions, responsible for the all aspects of the ECM consulting practice. I was the Senior Director responsible for Business Solutions and Global Alliances at Hummingbird

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Time to Scrap Your Existing System?

In my last blog, ECM Vendors Go to War ( ) , it was brought up that upgrades to existing ECRM (CMS) systems will accelerate in the near future

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How IT Pros Can Help Millennials Toe the Technology Line

” This is a troubling trend for a number of obvious reasons, but it becomes even more so in light of Gartner’s prediction that “the control of technology and technology-driven decisions is shifting out of the hands of IT organizations

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