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EU Data Protection Day oder Worldwide Data Privacy Day ...

Am 28.1.2019 ist wieder Data Protection Day ( ... nunmehr seit einigen Jahren zusammen mit dem Data Privacy Day. Nun gut, Data Protection ist eine wichtige Funktion auch für Data Privacy, obwohl Data Protection noch ganz andere...

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25.5.2018 -- DSGVO-Tag & Towel Day

25. Mai 2018 und die Welt dreht sich weiter. Heute tritt die DSGVO, die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung, international als GDPR, General Data Protection Rules, bekannt, in Kraft. Dabei gelten die Regeln im Prinzip schon seit zwei Jahren. Verfolgt man Presseberichte und Werbung hatte man zeitweilig...

Special Interest Group: Consumer Privacy and Protection, Formerly GDPR

Consumer privacy protection is the use of laws and regulations to protect individuals from privacy loss due to the failures and limitations of corporate customer privacy measures. What is the role of the Information Professional in ensuring employee and comsumer data is protected? How does the...

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Breaking Down Big Data: Challenges of Meeting De-identification Standards

Simply removing direct and indirect personal identifiers isn’t enough to achieve de-identification of a dataset. Data controllers must also analyze the context in which the data is presented, as well as the risk of re-identification. Not only that, but technical methods for performing de...

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France’s Digital Republic Act Strengthens Privacy Safeguards

France’s new Digital Republic Act [1] significantly strengthens protections that control how French businesses use and retain personally identifying data. The law expands the scope and authority of the 1978 French Data Protection Act and brings the country to the foreground of modernizing the...

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