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SharePoint Short and Sweet

One of the things that I love about not being a consultant (I used to be one) is that I can talk about failure. Some consultants talk about failure, but most will point out the ways the previous attempts failed before they were engaged. I get it, lead with your strength, but failure is a part...

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What I learned about content from music festivals

Summer is the time of outdoor music festivals, which used to mostly be about gatherings that are organized around musicians and drinks, disconnecting from the harsh realities of day to day life. But modern festivals have evolved with new technologies, and nowadays they also generate lots of buzz...

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What Happens in Vegas

You know the rest of that adage, “…stays in Vegas except for the Twitter timeline and Facebook stream ”, but what happened in Cambridge, MA was streamed live to CT. What can I say; New England is a pretty big territory. Siri says it covers 71,990 square miles of...

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Process Automation: Tools to Match the Job

I’ve heard on more than one occasion, workflow or process automation would be great if only it were fast, easy and inexpensive to implement. Oh, and by the way, I need to extend the end user experience to include mobile and remote workers, customers, partners and vendors. In the past, when...

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The AIIM Conference is a Hit

Ladies and Gentlemen . . We have a HIT on our hands. After a few years away under the guidance of another organization the AIIM Conference is back with a Vengeance. The AIIM team pulled out all the stops and put on a fantastic...

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Why Virtual Events Matter

In the last two weeks, my chihuahua Mr. Pickles and I have attended DreamForce, TechCrunch Disrupt, and the AIIM Social Business conference, all from the privacy and comfort of my couch. They had the same lasting emotional impact and educational value as an in person events, minus the $15 a day...

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“Sneak Peek” interviews with speakers at AIIM’s Social Business Virtual Conference

I wanted to collect all of the “Sneak Peek” interviews in one place for everyone. Below you'll find speaker interviews and articles highlighting themese that will be explored during AIIM’s Social Business Virtual Conference on September 8. This event is going to rock....

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Taking a Dive into Mobile Computing

Our CEO, Dean Tang, recently spoke at the Mobile Computing Summit, so I'd like to welcome him to the AIIM Community Blog to discuss ABBYY’s perceptions of the event. Guest Post by Dean Tang, CEO, ABBYY USA With the development in technology of smartphones, tablets,...

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CRM maintenance credits for AIIM Social Business Virtual Event

I am pleased to announce that the Institute for Certified Records Managers (ICRM) has pre-approved the AIIM Social Business Virtual Event for 6.0 CRM maintenance program credits. The preapproval code is listed in the CRM Maintenance section of the ICRM's website ( ...

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