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Why Large Enterprise and Global SharePoint Deployments Will Not Work in the Cloud

An enterprise SharePoint Server 2010 platform implemented in a Private Cloud, an environment internal to the organization with total control of its servers, permissions \ security, customization and deployment policies, and federation between line-of-business systems and various data sources is the only deployment platform global and large enterprise organization should focus on. There is a place for a cloud-based SharePoint 2010 deployment in small to medium sized businesses who only mostly require out-of-the-box features and functionality and siloed \ departmental permission strategies

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SharePoint Upgrades -- Blueprints Anybody?

I have a piece out this week in KMWorld where I interview John Mongell , an IT consultant with Boston-based RSM McGladrey and well acquainted with the initial tire-kicking and eventual blocking/tackling connected to SharePoint deployments

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SharePoint might be the steak… but partners are the sizzle

In Christian’s post (in terms of how I understood it, which may result in a response from Christian in terms of a misunderstanding) he outlines that SharePoint beats "traditional" ECM solutions because it is easier to deploy and cheaper... and it is easier to deploy and cheaper because it does not have as much technology/functionality

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Our Need for the New

I'm sitting in the New Zealand Air lounge in Auckland on my way back to the States after a couple weeks on the road presenting at the Australian and New Zealand SharePoint Conferences, thinking about a recurring theme from both conferences: is it necessary to upgrade to the latest version? Obviously, this is not a question that is unique to the SharePoint realm, but is certainly a topic that is popping up more and more as software developers are moving to an online deployment model

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The OCR Reality Behind SharePoint, SalesForce and More

These solutions include forward looking and virtual services like Microsoft SharePoint and SalesForce . If you are unfamiliar with these, SharePoint is a multi-purpose web platform that allows organizations to easily and effectively manage, share and publish documents and information

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Big SharePoint Tent

SharePoint's most availing attribute has nothing to do with its features, functions, or custom sleights of hand...It's that ever-engulfing big SharePoint tent...Whether SharePoint gets its own home and garden channel is one thing

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