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SharePoint might be the steak… but partners are the sizzle

In Christian’s post (in terms of how I understood it, which may result in a response from Christian in terms of a misunderstanding) he outlines that SharePoint beats "traditional" ECM solutions because it is easier to deploy and cheaper... and it is easier to deploy and cheaper because it does not have as much technology/functionality. So if I do understand this correctly, then if, or when you need to fill the gaps in features (with add-ons from the aforementioned 640,000 partners, because it does not have things like capture out-of-the-box, amongst other capabilities) then by default you are raising the complexity, cost and effort required to deploy

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SharePoint Upgrades -- Blueprints Anybody?

I have a piece out this week in KMWorld where I interview John Mongell , an IT consultant with Boston-based RSM McGladrey and well acquainted with the initial tire-kicking and eventual blocking/tackling connected to SharePoint deployments

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Is Social Enterprise Dead?

However, if you think of social enterprise tools as just another form of communication and deploy them in a smart way that fits your company, you’ll find that those fears are unfounded

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Social Business Virtual Event: Claire Flanagan, Getting Beyond the Field of Dreams: Building a Successful Social Business Strategy, Inside and Out

I will be describing CSC's social business strategy development and implementation over the last several years as we went from a number of disparate collaboration projects to a comprehensive strategic deployment to more than 94,000 registered users

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