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Was kommt nach ECM?

Seit 6 Wochen läuft die Diskussion in der XING-Gruppe Information & Document Management zum Thema " Ist der aktuelle ECM-Ansatz noch zeitgemäß? " ( ). Persiflierend könnte man sagen, der aktuelle - NEIN -, der ursprüngliche Ansatz - JA -. Lässt man die Diskussion der...

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Box Announces Governance – Another Step Towards #ECMnext

So Box came out and announced Box Governance this week. For those of you thinking that Box is just one of the surfeit of file sharing providers on the planet, think again. Box has been steadfast in stating that they are providing content management and this week’s announcement is further proof...

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Regardless of what you’ve been hearing, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not dead. For years ECM has been harangued as being overly cumbersome, overly expensive, overly difficult, and underwhelming when it came to delivering benefits. That’s all about to change… The manner in which ECM...