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"Hang Loose" and Ride the Wave of Change

business. I see digital natives accelerating...both sides of a business transaction...consumer/customer and business entity. In electronic only business processes

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Brooklyn Nets Are Occupying IT

tentative to embrace the first in the to adopt more mobile technology so...think of evolving our business process to

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IT and the Millennials: Bridging the chasm

Much has been written about the Millennials / digital natives / MySpace / Facebook / latest social phenomenon generation entering the world of work and disrupting the traditional IT department. This is a generation that is accustomed to getting information in real-time: the Millennials have...

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Blacksmiths and Cars: John Mancini's Info360 Keynote

AIIM's president shares his thoughts on the ever-evolving content industry and why paper-based policies are holding you back. Info360 Keynote by AIIM President John Mancini View more presentations from John Mancini #systemsofrecord #digitaldivide ...

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