Brooklyn Nets Are Occupying IT

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 07-12-2012 08:33


NBA superstar point guard Deron Williams signed a new $98 million dollar contract with the Brooklyn Nets earlier this week.  What makes this story of particular interest to informational professionals is that he signed it on an iPad using an app called, "SignNow."

Immediately when I heard about this I thought about John Mancini's Occupy IT Manifesto.  Two of the five demands of #OccupyIT are manifested in this story, the demand to mobilize everything to have more access, more often and the demand to digitize anything that moves to improves responsiveness. 

Mobile technology and digital signatures are the face of the future.  We are often tentative to embrace the first in the business place and more then hesitant to accept the second.  Recently, while talking to a friend of mine in the publishing industry, he was talking about the need for his business to adopt more mobile technology so that at conferences other vendors and consumers would see them as someone not afraid of technology, but at the cutting edge. 

The paperless office is where we are headed and this leveraging of mobile technology is a prime example of how we need to think of evolving our business process to not be stuck in the past.  Where can you see yourself and your organization using digital signatures and mobile technology to reduce paper?


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