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Who should lead a social collaboration initiative?

I blogged recently about how I thought HR should play a more central role in social collaboration initiatives (and it prompted some interesting discussions/debates!), so I thought this month I'd focus on who is currently driving this trend within organisations. It's a question I'm asked a...

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Big Data and The Crucial Need for Information Governance

Think Big Data is here? Just wait – it’s only beginning. According to IDC, the digital universe is doubling in size every two years, and will reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020. Estimates and projections vary, but it has been stated that 90 percent of the data existing...

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The CIO is Dead – Long Live…

A few days ago Ed Laprade , a friend of mine and CEO of ADNET Technologies , tweeted about an “interesting discussion” which was started by Dr. Michael Gendron on LinkedIn. The discussion was about how, for a CIO today “ It is less important to be the lead technocrat...

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Making Records Management a Part of the Solution

Well this will be a bit of a departure for me as I will only be using the word SharePoint a few times, and only in this paragraph. Recently, my adventures in SharePoint Governance have taken me deep into the dark, windowless, subterranean world of Records Management and I have not only been...

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What Kind of Online Community Do You Have Behind Your Firewall?

As CIOs and Chief Knowledge Officers bring tools that have been used on the Internet – blogs, wikis, microblogs, profiles – behind the firewall, they tend to expect the same results. "We'll have our own Wikipedia!" Or Facebook…or Twitter – you name it....

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In Praise of IT Directors: Why Expertise Still Matters

Gartner recently came out with its top predictions for 2012 , highlighting “how the control of technology and technology-driven decisions is shifting out of the hands of IT organizations.” Analysts Daryl Plummer and Peter Middleton write that “the forces of cloud...

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What’s Old Is New Again: IT Priorities, Business Processes and CPOs

According to new research from McKinsey , the highest current priorities for IT include improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and reducing IT costs. For IT executives, reducing costs ranked first, followed by improving the effectiveness of business processes....

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IT-The New Corporate Gold Mine?

Interesting concept isn’t it, looking to IT for ways to increase revenue and profits? The concept really isn’t new but I think it is gaining a whole new perspective and appreciation. I was reading an article in InformationWeek titled Return To Growth which is based their study of...

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