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Develop the Business Case for Improving Your Forms Processes in 4 Steps

Process tasks: In the above example – “Money Out” in financial services -- typical tasks may include client input, initial processing, receipt into correct function, acceptance as IGO (in good order)

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Document Process Outsourcing vs Business Process Outsourcing in 2013 & Beyond

Business Process Outsourcing has transformed how many organizations have leveraged economies of scale in second and third world countries to create cost savings opportunities for burdened processes

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It is all about process!

For those who watched the Lions play this past Sunday, what you heard and continue to hear was how the process of what once was considered to be a touchdown catch, was not finished

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Scenes From A SharePoint Installation Process

Microsoft has done some brilliant marketing around SharePoint, they’ve managed to manipulate the very software approval process at many large organizations

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Optimizing in the Collaborative Age

The process and the inputs that go into that process determine the results, and will help you to uncover the relationships between risks and benefits, helping you to build more scalable solutions

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