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ECM Markt: Ein neuer "Quadrant" - das G2 Crowd "Grid"

Marktforscher benutzen gern Grafiken, um die Positionierung von Anbietern und ihren Produkten in einem bestimmten Marktsegment zu visualisieren. Als ein Maßstab galt hier immer der Magic Quadrant von Gartner. Nun tritt mit einer ähnlichen Darstellung das Portal G2 Crowd an. Auch hier gibt es...

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Ensure Organizational Efficiency in Financial Services through Workflow

Financial services companies are often rife with ad hoc workflows established to solve a particular task that is ultimately performed inconsistently. To ensure organizational efficiency, it is imperative to define and establish workflows with consistency within the financial services industry....

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Do you know the 9 Principles of Classification?

1. INTUITIVE The evidence of an intuitive taxonomy is that users find it easy to navigate and use. This means that users can successfully predict in which category they are likely to find the content they want, just by looking at the top level. This exploits the knowledge domain mapping...

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Improving Case Management

Case management, for many I have spoken with, has always seemed to be one of those elusive areas of business where opportunity exists for improvement. In many organizations, the information contained within a case file is often siloed, hidden away from the rest of the organization. Whether...

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ECM Evolved: New Era of How Work Gets Done, an AIIM 2014 presentation

Missed AIIM 2014? Or did you just miss out on a session or three you wanted to see? In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing many of the presentations with you. Actionable advice and thought leadership brought to you by some of the smartest people in the information technology industry. Pete...

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Set Your Processes Free

Information creation has accelerated at an incredible rate and there is no sign this will slowdown. Think about the amount of information you are exposed to every day. We are in a state of information chaos - I am now a guilty party in your information chaos – and the task of sorting...

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Is BPM the Smarter Choice for Loan Origination?

In everything retailed, banks and financial services organizations have the toughest share of the pie. The vertical is tightly strung when it comes to regulations. Customer attrition is high and the recent financial calamities have done their bit to squeeze profits. As a result Banks and...

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Workflow Design - Best Practices

Designing business workflows can be a daunting task. There are usually several ways to create each workflow (like there are several ways to skin a cat!), and sometimes looking at a set of guidelines can help. Here are some best practices when designing business workflows: Enabling Informed...

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