ECM Evolved: New Era of How Work Gets Done, an AIIM 2014 presentation

By Bryant Duhon posted 06-23-2014 15:10

Missed AIIM 2014? Or did you just miss out on a session or three you wanted to see? In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing many of the presentations with you. Actionable advice and thought leadership brought to you by some of the smartest people in the information technology industry.

Pete Smerald presented ECM Evolved: New Era of How Work Gets Done.

Traditionally work has been done at a desktop and in the back office. The importance of managing information still remains central to ECM, but what has changed is how the information is being created, integrated, and shared. In this session, we will touch on the major transformation that is happening in ECM involving social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and solutions. Learn how the ECM evolution is creating new opportunities to transform how work gets done.

Pete Smerald, Executive Director of Products for EMC’s Intelligent Information Group (IIG), has been with EMC for 10 years. Pete owns the overall product strategy within EMC’s IIG division. He has worked with 100s of customers in scoping and assisting in clients be successful with ECM solutions. He has over 25 years experience in enterprise content management, capture, process automation and pervasive compliance. Pete has architected solutions for many of the world’s largest institutions and has pioneered value measurement concepts for the value office to measurements beyond ROI.

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