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Making Social Collaboration Transparent

Reporting and BI tools are directional -- they help you to see trends and insights into your platform activity, and social collaboration activities are no different than structured collaboration activities, such as using SharePoint. What we need are better tools, more data, and improved management capabilities of social collaboration. #sharepoint #SharePoint #BusinessIntelligence #BI #reporting #socialcollaboration #social #Collaboration #Collaboration

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What's your social collaboration raison d'être?

One of the most frequent pieces of advice I offer to organisations considering a social collaboration initiative is to be clear why your organisation needs to be more collaborative

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Riding the Enterprise Social Collaboration Wave

The major trends emerging from the industry are the intrusion of social media in the workspace, erasing of the boundaries that divide typical content management, portals from Social collaboration solutions and services, apps that can be served on the fly

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Supercharge your internal support with social collaboration

However, it's not just your customers and partners that can benefit from this type of approach; there are major advantages to be had from applying the same thinking to your internal support environment too, using social collaboration technologies

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Why? Why? Why? The social collaboration mantra

There are many reasons why a social collaboration initiative might fail, but by far the most common is that not enough thought has gone into why

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Who should lead a social collaboration initiative?

I blogged recently about how I thought HR should play a more central role in social collaboration initiatives (and it prompted some interesting discussions/debates!)...It's a question I'm asked a lot - who should lead a social collaboration initiative?

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Social collaboration best practice highlights: Ricoh's story

In my posts for this blog, I regularly reference my practice of speaking with organisations to identify best practices that I can share with organisations that are just setting out on their social collaboration journey, and so this month I thought I'd share some highlights of one of the case studies that I've published. Technology firm Ricoh America's social collaboration story stems - like many other examples in this space - from an intranet consolidation project, as a result of the company's acquisition in 2008 of the US company IKON

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The true cost of enabling social collaboration

While we have thankfully largely moved beyond the days when business execs believed that they could change their businesses on a shoestring budget through the introduction and viral adoption of free or very low-cost social collaboration tools, many still underestimate the level of investment required to get the benefits they are expecting. The cost of the software or service itself is one thing: if you want to deploy social collaboration tools at an enterprise-wide level with the associated expectations about the security, reliability and level of administrative control, you are going to need to invest in more than a low-end, freemium solution, and it will not be a small bill that you have to pay