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Creating a Roadmap to SharePoint Success

These SharePoint solution components should be considered when defining the SharePoint Roadmap...The technology functions include all system components that make up the SharePoint solution

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High Level Best Practices: SharePoint Source Code Management and the Related Deployment Process

These steps apply when deploying SharePoint solution to all environments (QA,Production, Contingency, etc.)...Package the solution: This involves creating the WSP for the SharePoint solution

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Taking advantage of SharePoint’s capabilities

This TechTalk blog, written by Jonathan Matcho, director of SharePoint Solutions at Sitrof Technologies, addresses what IT directors need to know if their team is looking to implement a SharePoint strategy

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Will 2013 be the Beginning of the end for SharePoint?

I can remember only one occasion in 2012 when an end-user suggested that he might want to make his own changes to a SharePoint solution (a series of sub-sites that contain a collection of predefined libraries)

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On-Premise vs. Hosted SharePoint Consulting

Summary: SharePoint solution is possible to implement online as well as have a hosted solution and businesses wishing a SharePoint solution are often faced with the dilemma as to which solution to opt for

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External Blob Storage (EBS) and SharePoint Records Management

The resulting SharePoint sites are smaller and faster, and the performance gains have led Gimmal clients to develop the confidence that they needed to take their SharePoint solutions forward to replace legacy ECM solutions for their enterprises

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SharePoint 2013 Migration

It is important to understand that setting up shop with the new Microsoft SharePoint 2013 from scratch if you already have a well established SharePoint solution would mean losing all your existing data and applications

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