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Why best-practices are the best practice

But it often turns out badly because mistakes can be made, and opportunities can be missed, that could have been readily avoided if only industry best practices would have been followed. My clients and my students well know that I am a big fan of leveraging knowledge gained at somebody else's expense, which really is what best practices are

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Workflow Design - Best Practices

Here are some best practices when designing business workflows: Enabling Informed Decisions To make the right decision, you need the right information

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SharePoint 2013 BYOD Best Practices

Introduction (BYOD | MDM) Remote workers and internal or onsite workers empowered with “ bring your own device ” (BYOD) policies can push the boundaries of IT and the typical IT-driven culture. A lot of IT organizations are playing catch-up around governance and their...

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Purchase Order System Best Practices

There’s no such thing as organized chaos. Step away from the spreadsheet and put down the stress ball. Explore and implement new purchase order systems that reduce your dependence on spreadsheets , shared drives, Google Documents and email correspondence. Finding a purchase order...

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The need for SharePoint best practices

I would also like to inform you that AIIM has just introduced a SharePoint training program covering best practices for sharing and managing information on the SharePoint platform

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Not just best practice – next practice!

The term “best practice” has always bothered me because it has always had the aura of stale and static processes

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Social collaboration best practice highlights: Ricoh's story

In my posts for this blog, I regularly reference my practice of speaking with organisations to identify best practices that I can share with organisations that are just setting out on their social collaboration journey, and so this month I thought I'd share some highlights of one of the case studies that I've published

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Information Security Checklist: Best Practices for SharePoint

Below is a list of some best practices that will ensure true security of your SharePoint data: Content needs to be monitored in both real time and on a schedule, using rule based automated processes in such a way as to provide systematic protection of information

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Best Practice – Metadata in SharePoint and Beyond

This week I will focus on metadata and share some of my best practices for the use of metadata in ECM systems like SharePoint

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