Purchase Order System Best Practices

By Courtney Rothe posted 09-23-2013 11:19


There’s no such thing as organized chaos.

Step away from the spreadsheet and put down the stress ball. Explore and implement new purchase order systems that reduce your dependence onspreadsheets, shared drives, Google Documents and email correspondence. Finding a purchase order method that provides automated PO tracking is a necessity these days- save time, money and reduce the number of mistakes all at once.

Don’t leave the house with the keys in the door.

When it comes to purchase order approvals privacy is important. No more second-guessing, email back-tracking or last minute double checking. Save yourself some time and the ride on an emotional roller coaster-evaluate purchase order systems that allow you to control permissions. Keep privacy a priority but simplify the task as much as possible. Some purchase order systems offer permission based viewing allowing you to control who sees which purchase order requests.

Do it right the first time.

How you ask? It’s simple; remove the margin of error. Send purchase order requests to the right people the first time without even having to stop what you’re doing. That’s right, enjoy that early morning cup of coffee, or check 10 extra emails because you’ve got TIME. By implementing an automated Purchase Order System that sends PO approval requests automatically, you eliminate that pain staking step all together. Purchase order requests are sent to the right people in the most efficient manner.

Release the hounds…

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