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Part Two - StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud

The vision of StratML is to build a worldwide web of intentions, stakeholders, and results. In Part Two of "StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud", a follow-up to R. Russell Ruggiero's Part One, Ranjeeth Thunga maps out a series of visuals intended to illustrate specifically where and how a StratML Toolkit and Cloud based repository can fit into an IT infrastructure

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StratML Public & Private Sectors Uses - White Paper (2013)

While compliance is the main goal, this path also helps to expose the challenges of working in true heterogeneous environments.Part One & Part Two created the foundation for StratML, and recent work on Part Three has taken this effort to a new level, which has been articulated in a newly released large-scale StratML White Paper. Below are two main themes of this new piece, which are meant to expose StratML's value in both the private and public sectors

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OPEN Government Data Act -- Machine-Readable Records

& See also document -- Owen Ambur Chair, StratML Working Group --

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8 Metrics Your EIM Program Should Track

Measuring program progress across multiple dimensions will be fundamental to driving both short- and long-term success of your EIM (enterprise information management) program. Here are 8 metrics your EIM Team should consider tracking. Today you may be consistently tracking at most only a few of...

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Moving from Records Management to Engagement

As more and more software and services companies roll out social tools and features, jumping onto the bandwagon of the move to the social organization, managers at every level are being asked to investigate social -- and find out how it can benefit the organization. For what it's worth, I...

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Evidence-Based Policy Act

Most relevant, for example, agencies are required to compile evidence-building plans: plan I have rendered the requirements for such plans in StratML Part 2, Performance Plan/Report, format as a template for possible agency usage, at In compiling their evidence-building plans, agencies are required to consult with stakeholders: plan stakeholder consultation The CredWeb CG could consider what content should be included in such plans to flesh out the performance plan template and proactively reach out to the agencies with offers of assistance in applying it

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Moving Never Easy

The new organization, 3D PDF Consortium, while it's focus is PDF and 3D standards is committed to continuing the efforts on the document management standards and the StratML work that was in the AIIM Program

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Standards Program - Alive and Growing

The StratML working group continues to confirm the standard they developed by converting strategic plans from government agencies, non-profit organizations and corporations

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PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter Sammelband 2017

Die Newsletter von PROJECT CONSULT gibt es auch als semantisch erschlossene Theum-Wissensbasis: Autoren der PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter Ausgaben 2017 Autor; Unternehmen: "Titel" - Ausgabe / Seite Ahmann, Andreas; Ceyoniq Technology GmbH: "Über Virtual & Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Roboter und die Chancen für Unternehmen" - 3 / 26 Aldabalde, Taiguara Villela, PhD; Federal University of Espirito Santo (Brasil): "The future of information from a realistic perspective" - 3 / 28 Ambur, Owen; University of Maryland (USA) : "Technology Evolution, StratML, and the Theory of Life" - 3 / 31 Bachinger, Bernhard; JobRouter AG: "Digital x – what’s digital next: Die Chancen der Digitalisierung in der Praxis nutzen" - 3 / 33 Dr

Discussion Thread 9
Chief Data Officer

Focus Search - I did not know about StratML so...

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