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Moving Never Easy

By Betsy Fanning posted 08-09-2017 09:55

Moving is hard work! How many of you have moved recently? If you have, you know what I am talking about. In a house or office move, you have boxes and boxes to unpack and in some ways, it seems like a gifting holiday when you find things in boxes. We have been and continue to go through an electronic move. At face value, you may think an electronic move is easier but it is just as time consuming and tedious as a physical move but without the empty boxes to recyle. As you know by now, the AIIM Standards Program has moved to the 3D PDF Consortium. Since our documents make use of industry standard file formats, we are assured that the documents will display and look the same on the new platform as they did in their former home. We did not have to do any conversion work!

If you participated on one of the many conference calls that Robert Blatt scheduled for several of his committees, you know about the new home for the standards program. If you did not participate in one of those calls and are curious about the new home for the standards program, please feel free to contact me at I would be very happy to talk with you. Yes, after over 19 years, I am no longer with AIIM!

The new organization, 3D PDF Consortium, while it's focus is PDF and 3D standards is committed to continuing the efforts on the document management standards and the StratML work that was in the AIIM Program. We will be inviting the active participants to the join the standards groups and gain access to the new collaborative platform. This invite will also include those of you who volunteered to review standards as part of our consensus body. So, watch your email box for a message from me in the next few weeks.

While we have been unpacking and loading documents into the Consortium's SharePoint site, we have also been able to edit and get several documents out for ballot. It is our hope that we will be announcing the publication of several documents in the coming months. 

As an AIIM Professional member, the standards you are used to accessing as a part of your membership continue to be available to you.

Remember that AIIM's training programs and toolkits are based on standards. Make as much use of these resources as possible. Using standards makes it easier to implement technology and processes in your organization because you are using advice that is proven to be accurate through testing and prior use.

So, what are your assignments or actions?

- Download a toolkit or two
- Enroll in an AIIM Training course
- Talk with Betsy about your potential involvement in the 3D PDF Consortium's standards program

Get involved in standards development with the 3D PDF Consortium or in the many programs at AIIM. You will learn a lot and most importantly, make lifelong friendships.