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Ensure Organizational Efficiency in Financial Services through Workflow

Financial services companies are often rife with ad hoc workflows established to solve a particular task that is ultimately performed inconsistently. To ensure organizational efficiency, it is imperative to define and establish workflows with consistency within the financial services industry....

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Developing Workflows in SharePoint 2013, Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Workflow Development "From the Consulting Trenches" There has been a complete update to SharePoint 2013 ’s workflow capabilities and overall workflow architecture, as shown in image below, with new features as well as the underlying workflow engine itself receiving a major...

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Improving Case Management

Case management, for many I have spoken with, has always seemed to be one of those elusive areas of business where opportunity exists for improvement. In many organizations, the information contained within a case file is often siloed, hidden away from the rest of the organization. Whether...

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Multi-Channel Input Management

What is Input Management? Until recently, I thought that I knew the answer to this question but if I put the search term into Google, just about every “definition” ends up referring to scanners. Fair enough, I know that the term was first coined as a marketing tool about 10...

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Deep-Dive of SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 Proven Development Strategies

A Deep-Dive of SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 Proven Development Strategies This blog post will cover the latest tools and technologies for performing custom development on SharePoint Server 2013 , Office 365, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Azure environments. I...

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Workflow Design - Best Practices

Designing business workflows can be a daunting task. There are usually several ways to create each workflow (like there are several ways to skin a cat!), and sometimes looking at a set of guidelines can help. Here are some best practices when designing business workflows: Enabling Informed...

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Information - Does It Meet Your Needs, an AIIM14 presentation

Missed AIIM 2014? Or did you just miss out on a session or three you wanted to see? In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing many of the presentations with you. Actionable advice and thought leadership brought to you by some of the smartest people in the information technology industry. Robin...

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SharePoint, Workflow, and Digital Signatures in 3 Pictures

This post uses 3 stylized Easter Eggs or Nested Russian Dolls to illustrate three related topics: What’s the difference between SharePoint, workflow, and the other varieties of process management? What’s the difference between the varieties of electronic signatures...

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