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By Bryant Duhon posted 05-07-2014 12:19


You may remember John Mancini’s “8 Things” series from a few years ago. Run on his blog, Digital Landfill, they were popular, allowed us to create a series of ebooks (before ebooks were cool), and broadened the perspectives of those who read at least a few of the posts and/or subsequent ebooks.

After a hiatus of a few years; we’re re-launching “8 Things” on the theory that we all get smarter – faster – when we share.  The knowledge in the AIIM community is tremendous and far-ranging, capturing that knowledge and then sharing it with your peers will help us all learn how to better manage our content so that it can be used more effectively for our businesses. 

Here’s what we’re doing.

What is this “8 Things” you speak of?
To get an idea for what they’ll (mostly) look like; take a look at two of the past posts:

It’s this simple – write 8 things about a topic (more on the topics below). Draw on your own expertise. Use this as an opportunity to research and write about a topic you’re interested in.

Share your knowledge.

Really. That’s the idea in a nutshell.

What Do I Write About?
While the number of topics we could have is huge; we’ve broken it down into the following broad buckets that are focused enough to be useful and broad enough to encompass many ideas:

  1. Document Management
  2. Working Together – Collaboration and Knowledge Management
  3. Information Governance
  4. Enterprise Content Management
  5. Electronic Records Management
  6. SharePoint
  7. Finding the Right Information – Search, Taxonomy, Auto-classification
  8. Document Capture and Imaging
  9. Improving Business Processes
  10. Content Analytics and Big Data
  11. Web Content Management

Within these broad topics, the “things” could be:

  • Lessons learned
  • “How to” primers
  • Explanations of technology/management concepts
  • Implementation advice; such as managing change
  • Making the business case
  • The impacts of social media, the cloud, and mobile on any of these topics
  • Defining ROI
  • Ediscovery and managing risk
  • Whatever else you have in mind

How Do I Share Mine?
Direct all questions and submissions to Bryant Duhon, or via Twitter @bduhon and/or @AIIMcmty.

Length – 1000 words is a good rule of thumb, but there is no strict word count limit – write as much as you need to, but no more.

Please include a short bio, a photo (either a headshot or something more personal if you wish), your title/company, and any social networks (twitter, linkedin, google+, etc.) you participate in. Send any accompanying images/graphics/illustrations as jpeg, Tiff, or PNG – images are welcomed!

We will edit and then post to

Anyone (vendor, integrator, consultant, user) is welcome to write an 8 Things. For those of you who sell/implement products – keep it focused on the issues; NOT focused on a particular product.

The Rules

  • Here’s how we’re going to use these.
  • We will combine these posts into a series of 8 Things ebooks (fall/winter) and, of course, publish individually as blog posts. Authorship will always be associated with content (that is, we won’t publish anything without giving credit to you as the author).
  • Publication timing is at AIIM’s discretion.
  • You may reuse your post on your own site, so long as you include “Originally published by AIIM;” within the work.
  • Submission of an “8 Things” means agreement to the above terms.

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