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Search Is Lost Without Found

I went to Information Today's Enterprise Search Summit last week in New York City. This year's edition featured a buzz-rattling shout-out to Big Data. Big D sat on the sidelines despite the excess ballroom capacity under the enterprise search tent. It was hard to separate the low...

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The 2015 Enterprise Flight Path – Will Microsoft Ignite or Combust in the Cloud?

Hey You ... With the Cloud in Your Eyes A little over a month from now the partisan faithful will gather under a sprawling Microsoft tent in Chicago and high-five to the pulsing thump of post enterprise Microsoft -- a mighty convergence of comforting office apps served over slick interfaces...

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All Aboard

’ll be at the AIIM Conference the day...conferencing features of Lync. We got everyone...all of you attending the AIIM Conference

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Promote Externally for Adoption Internally

we went to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference...conference , the ReadWriteWeb article , and the...conferences like Enterprise 2.0 Commenting on

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It’s all about the Experience… Duh

2014 Conference: “Endure by...recent SharePoint Conference I have re...pre-SharePoint Conference post, such that

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