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SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 Upgrade: Does your Information Architecture Align with Your IT Roadmap?

Ensuring Your System & Information Archiecture Architecture Strategy Aligns with Your SharePoint Roadmap When an organization is near the point of kicking off and performing a upgrade and/or migration initative to SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 , it is key to ensure core...

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Resetting SharePoint Expectations Event Summary (Part 2)

In May I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Resetting SharePoint Expectations , three AIIM seminars in Toronto, New York, and Washington D.C. As a Program Manager working on SharePoint for Microsoft, I helped answer questions and to end the events I also presented a one hour Q&A ...

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Upgrading SharePoint

With most businesses running prior versions of SharePoint, I discuss the various methods of upgrading SharePoint. #sharepoint #upgrading #video #SharePoint #upgrademethods #upgrade

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What sites have been Visually Upgraded

For many of us, we are in a state of partially upgraded SharePoint. We have upgraded to SharePoint 2010 but many of our sites still have the old look and feel. In other words they haven't been visually upgraded. If you need to find out which sites have and which sites haven't then you...

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My Wish for 2011

As I wrote the title, I reminded myself that I know this wish won’t come true; still, it’s a slow week so I’ll share it with you. I want a SharePoint that can stay up. Actually, I want a Windows environment that can stay up. OK, let me be more specific, I am not talking about...

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SharePoint Upgrades -- Blueprints Anybody?

I have a piece out this week in KMWorld where I interview John Mongell , an IT consultant with Boston-based RSM McGladrey and well acquainted with the initial tire-kicking and eventual blocking/tackling connected to SharePoint deployments. In it Mongell espouses the major steps forward...

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SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Options, Considerations & Best Practices

Many companies are preparing to upgrade from earlier versions of SharePoint to the recently released SharePoint 2010 version. As such, I thought it might be helpful to do an overview of the upgrade options and considerations. The intention here is not to give you step-by-step instructions but...

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The Next SharePoint Upgrade Through 2010 Hindsight

Global manufacturing ushered in the use of ERP systems. The rush to web interfaces and B2B commerce nurtured the demand for sales force automation and CRM apps. That leaves a lot of unclaimed territory for connecting workers to enterprise-wide processes and hard-to-quantify ROI -- a.k.a....

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