What sites have been Visually Upgraded

By Michael Doyle posted 06-24-2011 17:47


For many of us, we are in a state of partially upgraded SharePoint. We have upgraded to SharePoint 2010 but many of our sites still have the old look and feel. In other words they haven't been visually upgraded. If you need to find out which sites have and which sites haven't then you need to run some PowerShell to get it done. I gone ahead and written it for you and made it so that it will look fairly decent (it will indent depending on the level of the site). Just follow these steps and you get a report of your sites and if they have been visually upgraded. If the number following the site is 4 then it has been upgraded and if it is 3 then it hasn't.

1. Logon onto one of the servers in your SharePoint farm with an account that has rights to all the sites in the site collection you want to run the report on.

2. Open up the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell

3. Copy and paste the following code into the shell. Just replace <site> with the site collection you want to look at.

$web = Get-SPWeb "http://<site>"
foreach($subweb in $web.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())
 write-host "Site:" $subweb.Title " Version:" $subweb.UIVersion
 foreach($subweb2 in $subweb.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())
   write-host "  Site:" $subweb2.Title " Version:" $subweb2.UIVersion
   foreach($subweb3 in $subweb2.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())
       write-host "    Site:" $subweb3.Title " Version:" $subweb3.UIVersion
       foreach($subweb4 in $subweb3.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())
            write-host "      Site:" $subweb4.Title " Version:" $subweb4.UIVersion

4. You will need to hit enter a few times to get it to run but then you can copy the output to Word or wherever you want to view it. This is a snippet of what the output should look like.

Site: Information Services Version: 4
  Site: Engineering  Version: 3
    Site: Network Engineering Changes  Version: 3

This only goes 4 levels deep but I think you get the idea and can modify it to go deeper. I like this method because it makes it more readable and I can control the levels to output. I can immediately go to the site that needs to be Visually upgraded and work from there. I hope this helps.




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