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Moving from Records Management to Engagement

The measurement gap with social is in understanding how social activities (such as threaded discussions, internal and external blogging, pervasive sharing options across the environment) tie back directly to the structured processes and content management systems that truly drive value into your organization

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Information Governance and Electronic Records Management

According to ISO/TR 15489-2:2001; Information and documentation -- Records management -- Part 2: Guidelines , a very important step in the process of designing and implementing a records management system is to identify strategies for satisfying records requirements

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A Manageable Taxonomy of Taxonomy Management Tools

This post provides the fundamentals of taxonomy management (TM)...Types of Taxonomies Taxonomies help organize content to facilitate the use, management, and governance of documents and other information

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Moving From Records Management to Information Governance

Join me for: From Records Management to Information Management: A game-changing strategy by Land O’Lakes I had SO MUCH fun this week. I had the honor of “testing” my AIIM conference presentation, “Moving from Records Management to Information Governance” on a group of local records managers.* I kicked it off with my “there are no records; there is only information” premise and, to my amazement, none of the records managers in the room threw rotten tomatoes at me

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How I Am Applying CIP Studying To Records Management

That also excites me because I see how in future career opportunities I can apply that new knowledge to records management and other areas. Once such example is business process management and creating a business classification scheme (BCS)

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If Knowledge is Power ... Knowledge Management is a Shared Arrangement โ€“ How Product KM Differs from Services KM

I recently changed jobs -- from Knowledge Engineer at a product company to knowledge manager at a services firm. Other than the Greater Boston location and uppercase K in the title, the two roles could not be more different. The fact I'll hit the ground running on my search engine...

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3 Ways to Maximize Your SharePoint Investment

3 Ways to Maximize Your SharePoint Investment Like many organizations, Microsoft SharePoint might be the heart of your information management, utilizing its robust architecture to ensure content is being securely stored and always accessible

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