How I Am Applying CIP Studying To Records Management

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 07-16-2012 15:35


The intimidating thing about studying for the CIP is the new knowledge I am acquiring and hoping that even though I don't have those skills I'll still be able to apply them to the exam.  That also excites me because I see how in future career opportunities I can apply that new knowledge to records management and other areas.

Once such example is business process management and creating a business classification scheme (BCS).  The foundation of any classification based file plan is the (BCS).  Much of the BCS is devised through business process analysis which is often done through interviewing different stakeholders to find out their business processes. 

After going through the "Access/Use" portion of the CIP study guide I realized that this is a bit of reinventing the wheel.  In theory, a well run organization should have some form of business process management (BPM).  Going through the BPM and speeaking with COO or Operation VP should be the starting point of business process analysis. Then interviewing different stakeholders will confirm the BPM is being supported without redundant process.  In a nutshell, this is records management providing accountability, i.e. information governance. 

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