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Are "Systems of Engagement" Really All That New?

Systems of Engagement Jesse Wikins what is moving away from “systems of...record” and toward “systems of...engagement.” At the same time, though, I do

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In Search of the History of Algorithms*

the history of algorithms development to think of my experiences I know). Some of the excerpts herald...The defining characteristic of an type is that nothing outside of the

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Blacksmiths and Cars: John Mancini's Info360 Keynote

AIIM's president shares his thoughts on the ever-evolving content industry and why paper-based policies are holding you back. Info360 Keynote by AIIM President John Mancini View more presentations from John Mancini #systemsofrecord #digitaldivide ...

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Occupy IT: John Mancini Peers Behind the Fire Curtain

"Systems of Engagement." That' of engagement, document retrieval is...John Mancini is the CEO of AIIM. But I...-to-day operational slog of a trade group

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