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To Those Who Fall in the Middle

Depending on where you stand on information systems, the middle is: (a) where the action happens, or (b) where the flab accumulates. It's a rare manager who can tell them apart and an extraordinary one who understands how one scenario bleeds into the next. In ECM deployments the middle...

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Can you measure your collaboration success?

One of the most commonly cited issues with collaboration initiatives (and of course with the knowledge management initiatives which preceded them) is the difficulty that organisations have with demonstrating the value they have gained from their investment in a way that satisfies their numbers...

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In the Future, What Will You Do with Your Content? Everything

I’ve been fascinated by the fact that when I’m online, I can pretty much discover and learn about anything. Get details about what my friends are up to? Check. Browse an extensive encyclopedia with information about everything that’s ever happened? Check. Why then, is...

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I Always Feel Left Out

There are many times this can be said whether it is real or perceived, especially among the ranks of the employee when related to implementing new technology or processes. It is unfortunate but common among many people I have spoken with to hear that as the user of a system, solution or whatever...

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I Feel Cheated

This is a statement I hear over and over gain in that a company made a purchase and then feels like they were dealing with the fictitious 3 Stooges firm of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe. (Those of you old enough will remember this and those of you who don’t, check it out.) Any way, in most cases...

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E2 Adoption Success in a Toy Store

Last week I had an intense realization around the fate of E2 adoption - in a toy store. Upon entering the store, my adult facade fell away and I stood wide-eyed, glancing in anticipation at all of the toys I would be able to play with. Out of all the options available I reached out and...

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SharePoint Journey Results Are In

One of the most important aspects of deploying SharePoint successfully is simply knowing what's possible. What have other organizations done? What solutions have they built? And recently Microsoft ran a contest for people to submit a video of their journeys with SharePoint. And the...

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Measurement Matters - And the Important Measures May Not be What You Think

For this week's blog post I was going to provide my perspective on the recently completed AIIM show but there are already so many excellent summaries out there I'm not sure what more I could add. I thought Barclay Blair's observations were particularly astute, especially as it...

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Productivity As A Driver For Enterprise 2.0

There are many business benefits for Enterprise 2.0 adoption, the primary among these (at least in the current economic environment) seems to me to be productivity. Alright, productivity may not be on the E2.0 radar in terms of Critical Success Factors but it may be the strongest driver for...

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