SharePoint Journey Results Are In

By Rich Blank posted 03-11-2011 13:06



One of the most important aspects of deploying SharePoint successfully is simply knowing what's possible.   What have other organizations done?  What solutions have they built?     And recently Microsoft ran a contest for people to submit a video of their journeys with SharePoint.   And the results are in....

One winner was selected in each of the three contest categories: Ramping Up, Building Momentum and Driving Business Value. They were chosen using a combination of public and judges ratings.  Additionally, the SharePoint community was highly engaged with the journeys, including rating and leaving comments. Through this contest, SharePoint professionals shared and reviewed their work, and inspired each other to the next step on their SharePoint journey.    


All submissions from the contest are also available to watch on the SharePoint Facebook page and the SharePoint YouTube channel.    Some great examples, use cases, and solutions showcasing journeys of individuals and organizations alike....


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