Productivity As A Driver For Enterprise 2.0

By Nicholas Inglis posted 04-29-2010 14:14


Productivity as an Enterprise 2.0 DriverThere are many business benefits for Enterprise 2.0 adoption, the primary among these (at least in the current economic environment) seems to me to be productivity. Alright, productivity may not be on the E2.0 radar in terms of Critical Success Factors but it may be the strongest driver for approaching adoption.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has been documenting a growth rate of 7.6 percent in US productivity (source), this is at the same time that the unemployment rate is approaching 10 percent (source). Clearly the market is speaking and those of us in the Enterprise 2.0 sphere should take note.

Enterprise 2.0 offers businesses enhancements in productivity through collaboration and knowledge management. A collaborative workforce is more agile in responding to customer requests, more agile in responding to market changes and is better able to find solutions to internal problems. A workforce with strong knowledge management is able to see market changes, have a faster time to market with new products and is more agile at seeing internal struggles. All of this calculates into real employee output and a strong ROI for an E2.0 adoption.

How are you using the current market forces to define what you do?

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