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Supercharge your internal support with social collaboration

The benefits ofproviding self-service, community-oriented support to customers and partners inan externally-facing context are broadly recognised - helping to improve thelevel and speed of service that people have access to, while reducing calls tothe helpdesk and lowering organisational costs...

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So many collaboration tools, so little time

Whatcollaboration technology is used within your organisation? It'shighly unlikely that you will be able to answer this question with just oneword. "Collaboration" means so many different things to differentpeople, and as a result most of us use several - or even many -...

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2 ways better collaboration helps improve employee engagement

One of the greatestbenefits of improving collaboration within your organisation is the positiveimpact on employee engagement, but the hype and overuse of both these terms -"collaboration" and "employee engagement" - means that it'snot always obvious quite what this means in practical terms. The...

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Social Is at the Center of Productivity

At the 2014 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, CEO Nadella shared a new vision for the company with a focus on platforms and productivity. For those of us within the SharePoint community, this change of focus was already well underway. With the release of SharePoint 2013, it was announced...

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Let's get together! Why integration is the key in social collaboration

Earlierthis week, I published a blog outlining my top 5 social collaboration vendor trends for 2016 , with number #4 focused onthe continued investment by collaboration vendors in providing integration withother technologies, in three particular areas: It's anarea of capability that...

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Think "initiative" not "project" for collaboration success

It's widelyrecognised now that successfully improving collaboration within an organisation doesn'thappen by itself ; while social collaboration technologies might share somecommon characteristics with public social networking services like Facebook andTwitter, you simply aren't going to get...

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Why small businesses are investing in social collaboration

The "EnterpriseSocial Network". It sounds like a big company solution, doesn't it? A wayto connect your many thousands of employees spread across the globe, a way tohighlight duplication of effort, and enable more streamlined communications,particularly closing the gap between leaders and staff....

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The importance of community management

A major area of debate and concern for organisationsconsidering how to establish, grow and manage an online community is theimportance of the community manager, and what exactly the role entails. As ageneral rule, every online community should be allocated a facilitator orcommunity manager;...

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More than just words: why social collaboration needs executives to lead by example

Senior executivebuy-in and commitment is often cited as a vital element in the success of asocial collaboration initiative, but I've found that the reasons behind thisaren't always comprehensively understood, meaning that often it doesn't quitego far enough to be worthwhile. Of course, any...

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Two reasons why HR needs to invest in social collaboration

With its benefitsincluding more effective and streamlined communications throughout theorganisation and better connecting staff, it's perhaps not surprising that inmany organisations a social collaboration initiative begins in the internalcommunications department; often it's in conjunction with...