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Recap of the War on Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Last week Document Strategy published my article, ECM or Content Services? What Is the Big Deal? It looks at why many practitioners, including myself, are not accepting Gartner’s opinion to change the term Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to Content Services. Many of us have been...

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Gartner ersetzt ECM durch Content Services

Michael Woodbridge von Gartner hat es nun offiziell gemacht - Gartner ersetzt für ihre Studien und den Quadranten den Begriff ECM Enterprise Content Management durch Content Services. " ECM is Dead !". Macht dies Sinn? Wir hatten schon vor einiger Zeit über Diskussionen bereichtet,...

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Digital Document Storage vs. Long-Term Box Storage

When it comes to storing documents in the modern world, all signs seem to point to “digital.” This point was recently underscored as a headline-making fire at a well-known document storage warehouse sent the message loud and clear: storing paper documents creates unnecessary risks, where...

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Ensure Organizational Efficiency in Financial Services through Workflow

Financial services companies are often rife with ad hoc workflows established to solve a particular task that is ultimately performed inconsistently. To ensure organizational efficiency, it is imperative to define and establish workflows with consistency within the financial services industry....

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Balancing user productivity & enterprise control

These are facts and they are little shocking: · 45% of the content people need to do their jobs is pulled out of your systems of record and worked on independently – outside your security controls. · 37% of U.S. IT workers are using technology they...

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14 Best ECM Practices in Financial Services

We recently benchmarked 6 major financial services firms (all Doculabs clients) and compared their maturity for managing documents. Here’s a summary of the results. It’s a small sample but it should be useful to you if you want a snapshot of what those firms are doing right now. ...

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How to do Alerts and Notifications

One growing area of customer communications management (CCM) is the functionality to provide alerts and notifications: the ability for an organization to provide timely or urgent messages to its customers and agents. It’s CCM functionality that’s particularly critical for...

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(Noun) is Too (adjective)

Go ahead, fill in the missing parts for your reason for moving to (something)-as-a-service or for moving (noun) to the Cloud. This past weekend, I would have used “ printing is too frustrating !” I take a lot of pictures, and I have about a dozen framed and on display in my office. I...

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Leveraging Capture Shared Services throughout the Organization

I just got back from visiting with a couple large EMC customers, and one topic we discussed was the concept of building a shared services model to support their use of document capture. Each customer was at a different stage – one had several capture projects in production that involved...

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Selecting the Right SharePoint Consulting Firm: Comparing Apples to Apples, or Apples to Oranges

Background on One of Many Similar Situations I Have Come Across in the Past 24 Months As a disclaimer to this article, I do own a SharePoint consulting firm, EPC, and am writing this based on my opinion and those of CIOs and IT Directors that I have interacted with over the past...

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