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AIIM Buzz Round Up - Who's Talking About Recent Research?

Recent AIIM research continues to create buzz in some of the cooler content and information management online publications. Here's a quick recap of some of the highlights from the last few weeks in case you missed them: The Paper Free Office: Dream or Reality made the...

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The Coming Ubiquity of Mobile: An AIIM12 Q&A with Ray Wang

Like with any technology and/or trend in IT, social is only useful in the context of YOUR business. Figure out why you need it; and it's useful. Just expecting to become a "social business;" not going to work so much. Ray Wang talks business needs and how ubiquitous, and...

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Social Business Technologies are becoming the “Dial Tone” of Enterprises: Results from a new AIIM Industry Watch

Originally posted in slightly modified format on the Iron Mountain blog . In October AIIM released a new Industry Watch research report based on the findings from the AIIM task force led by Andrew McAfee. The task force conducted research with some 400 members of the AIIM community and...

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