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How to get started with IA, metadata, and taxonomy for EDRMS implementations

In a three-part blog series, we are taking a look at the value that records managers can bring to the implementation of EDRMS systems. In our final post, we provide suggestions on how to successfully apply information architecture (IA), metadata, and taxonomy to EDRMS. As we talked about...

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The moving toy trains concept of an ECRM Program

The moving toy trains concept of an ECRM Program Those who develop an ECRM Program within an organization know how many moving parts there are within the program. Depending on the results of the current assessment one could be starting a program where nothing is in place; no...

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The House that Jack Built

It starts out really simple; build us a thing that allows some people (all with common objectives / properties) to do some business with us. Easy, right? It is so far. Then things get interesting. As other business units hear about what’s going on they want in on the action. As the...

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