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Breaking Down Big Data: Challenges of Meeting De-identification Standards

Simply removing direct and indirect personal identifiers isn’t enough to achieve de-identification of a dataset. Data controllers must also analyze the context in which the data is presented, as well as the risk of re-identification. Not only that, but technical methods for performing de...

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China Further Expands Reach of Data Localization Law to Multinationals

Countries are continuing to escalate restrictions on storage location and transfers of data, with China being the most recent to follow suit. China broadened its cybersecurity initiatives significantly in 2016 with the release of the Cybersecurity Law (Law). Scheduled to come into effect June 1,...

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Personal vs. corporate branding in the age of social media

It's the age of the Personal Brand, courtesy of social media. Never before has it been so easy to develop your own personal brand online - all you have to do is be prolific within and across social media sites. But what's that mean to your organization now - and when you leave? ...

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Personal/Professional: What’s The Right Mix?

In all social networks I’m a big advocate of blending the personal and professional. If you send me all updates about what your company is doing, I’m likely going to ignore you. Likewise, if it’s all status updates about your personal life. There are a few folks that I...

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