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Does India Really Know More About Business Process Outsourcing Than We Do?

Business process outsourcing in India is a $20 billion industry that is forecast to grow 12-15% over the next year. The Indian share of global BPO outsourcing is estimated at 37%. That’s more than one-third of all the world’s BPO activities taking place in just one country. Not...

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Document Process Outsourcing vs Business Process Outsourcing in 2013 & Beyond

Business Process Outsourcing has transformed how many organizations have leveraged economies of scale in second and third world countries to create cost savings opportunities for burdened processes. However, in light of rising labor costs, particularly in BPO mainstay countries like India, many...

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How Companies Utilize IT Outsourcing and What We Can Learn From Them

As technology and the infrastructure that supports it continue to improve by leaps and bounds, so too does the IT outsourcing market continue to grow. The reliance on IT outsourcing for certain aspects of a company has always been there, and now the latest advancements has opened up new...

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