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Concrete Ways to use Online Collaboration Software

The talk that surrounds online collaboration can get a bit abstract, with a penchant for buzzwords. For every press release or blog post that says we need to revolutionize our position as thought leaders through synergistic culture building, there's another business that signs up for online collaboration software with no real idea what they're doing. So I'd like to take some time today to talk about more concrete reasons why online collaboration software is a better choice than the alternatives

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The Digital Company – How to move from analog to digital processes?

Companies “going digital” is more than just using digital communication technologies (msn, ocs, facebook); it includes digitizing work processes and information processing such as document distribution, archiving and sharing and collaboration

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Is BPOS for SharePoint ready for Primetime?

I’ve been watching this market for online services, software as a service (SaaS), Webapps, software in the Cloud, or whatever we’re calling it these days, for around 15 years… I kid you not

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I am Dedicated to SharePoint, so why am I only getting Standard love?

The truth is I learned way back in my high-tech career that the beauty of software is that anything’s possible, that’s why system integrators (SI) are such a big part of the Microsoft ecosystem

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SharePoint 2013 Migration

But even though SharePoint is a very user friendly software and used by non technical people the migration is task best left to the experts...Summary: Microsoft has released yet another version of its popular software SharePoint

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Uncovering Office 365, SharePoint Online and My Data

” This is a defensive strategy aimed at predicting and preventing a security breach before it happens, but the defensive strategy connotation realistically contains offensive measures, including port scanning and remediation, perimeter vulnerability scanning, OS patching to the latest updated security software, network-level DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) detection and prevention, and multifactor authentication for service access

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