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Balancing user productivity & enterprise control

At the same time, the concept of complete user freedom and BYOD—any device, anytime, anywhere—is liberating yet also scary...Is it even possible to balance user productivity with enterprise control?

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Mobile Content for Mobile Users

Increasingly, users are asking for access to content repositories from mobile devices, such as phones and iPads...It’s a purpose-built application for a mobile-access device, designed around an optimized user experience for locating and viewing content

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The challenge of publishing content for offline and mobile use

The caching function also requires the user to know what he needs in advance, and to have already visited the content...This is especially inefficient when users only need access to specific pages

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Tips for mobile application maintenance

If well managed it can actually even be an advantage since an application that is regularly maintained will show the users that the developer is investing heavily into the app, which the users will appreciate. You should therefore plan for evolution in the user interface, meaning that you will probably want to leave some room in the user interface or plan a recurring budget for application design instead of doing it in a one-shot manner

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When Was the Last Time Your Intranet Empowered Anyone?

Someone voluntarily created an entire instruction manual for new users? Dozens of people volunteered to be the welcoming committee for new users, greeting them and offering to help? Dozens of people took shifts to be online and act as an ad hoc help desk for other users?

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SharePoint 2013 BYOD Best Practices

There are proven productivity increases that organ izations with a BYOD policy have realized and ROI that comes with empowering users...Enforcing a policy, where possible, that makes the user who is requesting the ability to use their own device (i.e

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Using Mobile to Incrementally Innovate

I would never build out a feature-rich spreadsheet-type application for the mobile experience, although there is plenty of room to expand the two simple app features and allow the user to quickly snap a photo and then walk through a form to complete each entry and attach the photo

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