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Information Architecture and Indexing for Mobile Applications

Earley & Associates (E&A), a leading information architecture, taxonomy and search consultancy, has announced Information Architecture (IA) and indexing services for mobile application providers

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Mobile Content for Mobile Users

The usage scenarios are primarily for reference purposes, such as checking the price on a proposal document or looking at the age listed on an application, etc...How big a market opportunity is creating mobile applications for the various repositories in use today?

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Dreaming of a Revolutionary Tomorrow

More mainstream consumer applications like Google Goggles are serving as a driving force for capture technology by demonstrating the possibilities at a very basic level. As engineers experience the benefits on their personal devices they are simultaneously realizing that capture can offer much more in an enterprise application

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Is Mobile Capture the Next Killer App?

Over the years there have been many killer applications, like the VisiCalc spreadsheet program which drove thousands of finance analysts to break down and buy their first Apple II or the infamous Space Invaders application which was the key reason the Atari 2600 platform took off

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How to Do Mobile Capture without Making the Mistakes We Learned to Avoid 10 Years Ago

THERE ARE 4 TYPES OF DISTRIBUTED CAPTURE APPLICATIONS Let’s start from the top. First, we can segment capture applications into centralized and decentralized...By application complexity : simple or complex

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Ten best ways to fail a mobile project

Building a mobile application that doesn’t stand out from a basic website is a safe way to make sure people won’t understand the value of installing the mobile application versus using your regular web site. 6

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