Information Architecture and Indexing for Mobile Applications

By Sharon Foley posted 12-13-2012 16:22


Earley & Associates (E&A), a leading information architecture, taxonomy and search consultancy, has announced Information Architecture (IA) and indexing services for mobile application providers.  E&A’s mobile content architecture services tailor core methodologies for taxonomy development, content tagging, and user interface design to the rapidly developing mobile marketplace. “Mobile content architecture and tagging requires looking at how content is used, not just in the context of the query but in the larger context of social communication,” said Seth Maislin, E&A’s practice leader.

This service offering developed out of E&A’s recent collaboration with the Hachette Book Group to develop a mobile version of the legendary reference text, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, Eighteenth Edition.  Earley & Associates developed the taxonomy and indexed nearly twenty thousand quotations.

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