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Strategy and Planning for Migrations

The four considerations are: Strategy and objectives Planning Preparation Migration and post-migration We will discuss the first two. The strategy should first identify the purpose of the migration

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The logic of document capture

If you do not consider a well thought-out strategy then your organization could have accomplished the task of taking an organized paper mess and simply converted it to an electronic mess

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The Intersection of SharePoint Metadata, Social, and Productivity

Myself and others have written at length on the importance of defining a proactive metadata strategy as part of your SharePoint (or any ECM/ERM platform) strategy...Develop a governance strategy

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There's more to a SharePoint environment than just technology!

This week AIIM announced the availability of a Certificate program focused on best practices for adopting and implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 that goes beyond technology to the necessary strategies and structures required to in effectively sharing and managing corporate information using the SharePoint 2010 platform. The need to look beyond the technology and take a holistic approach is echoed in a recent AIIM study, ’ SharePoint: strategies and experiences ’, which reveal that governance is sorely lacking in the majority of installations

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Conceptual Storage (and other ERM pitfalls) Is Just As Big A Problem As Physical Storage

If you have the best infrastructure, backups, data redundancy, and emulation and migration strategies, but poor metadata all your content amounts to is a bunch of ones and zeroes

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Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography Is Critical to Information Management

Here are some details and a link to register: Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography Is Critical to Information Management September 15 - Developing a Dynamic Content Management Strategy September 22 - Content Choreography, IA & Search September 29 - Dynamic Content Processes and Information Management Governance October 13 - Getting More Value from SharePoint Content - The Role of Taxonomy and Information Architecture Register (it is free) Hope to see you there!

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Big SharePoint Tent

SharePoint's most availing attribute has nothing to do with its features, functions, or custom sleights of hand. The best thing about it? It's that ever-engulfing big SharePoint tent. You can't reach out for a referral or show up at a local workshop without enlisting a new ECM ally...

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Force-Feeding Taxonomy to the Enterprise

But since we are a culture of Top 10 Lists and one hundred and forty character responses, I'll take a stab at it: The Return on Investment (ROI) of planning your taxonomy strategy The string of benefits from having a strong taxonomy is tied to the search experience: a strong taxonomy allows end users to more accurately tag their content, which improves the search experience, which leads to improved productivity, which results in increased usage of the platform, which leads to faster realization of the financial investment you've made in the platform

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