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Information Governance and Electronic Records Management

According to ISO/TR 15489-2:2001; Information and documentation -- Records management -- Part 2: Guidelines , a very important step in the process of designing and implementing a records management system is to identify strategies for satisfying records requirements

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How Do Your Content Management Practices Measure Up?

The results of the 2009 survey indicated that organizations that are more mature in metadata and taxonomy best practices outperform less mature organizations, with more mature organizations reporting fewerfindability and content management problems

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The Future of Records and Information Management Is Today

Time is money and with the proper metadata and management of that information (i.e. document) we can increase the findability and accessibility of that piece of information so that time and money is not wasted trying to find that crucial piece of information when it is needed

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If Knowledge is Power ... Knowledge Management is a Shared Arrangement – How Product KM Differs from Services KM

I recently changed jobs -- from Knowledge Engineer at a product company to knowledge manager at a services firm. Other than the Greater Boston location and uppercase K in the title, the two roles could not be more different. The fact I'll hit the ground running on my search engine...

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3 Ways to Maximize Your SharePoint Investment

3 Ways to Maximize Your SharePoint Investment Like many organizations, Microsoft SharePoint might be the heart of your information management, utilizing its robust architecture to ensure content is being securely stored and always accessible

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What The Steve Miller Band Taught Me About Information Governance

In the records management industry a lot of talk is given to permanent vs. non-permanent records...Any risk management plans or continuity of operations plan needs to include your operational information

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