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Records Management Programmes

***The views expressed in this article are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer*** I recently had some thoughts as to why we "do" Records Management. I have been a practising Records Manager for some time now and I thought it would be useful to "go back to my roots" to validate my thoughts as to why we do Records Management and what key matters/steps should we consider

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Social networking and the retention of “e-communications”

And while the majority of e-communications remain e-mail, the bigger concern is all of the “chatter” that results from the various forms of social computing now available to its employees – most of which is generated, viewed, or updated outside of the firm’s firewall on various hosted services and web sites

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A Roundup of ECM Usage Patterns

These provide general information and examples: - ECM Usage Patterns and Packages - The 6 Most Common ECM Usage Patterns and Packages - Examples of ECM Usage Patterns and Solution Packages These focus on usage patterns for pharma and life sciences: - ECM Usage Patterns in Life Sciences - Collaborative and Managed DM Solution Patterns in Life Sciences And this one focuses on Legal Document Management: - How Different is Legal Document Management?

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