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#ControltheChaos with Records Management Software

control and defensibly dispose of content...focused quite a bit on how to control...information explosion of content across multiple...timely manner, never mind dispose of it in

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Records Management in the Age of Facebook

round hole of the existing records program...One of the key themes of the AIIM...records theory, records are identified and...record? If so, how do you capture it, and

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The Potential Risks of In-Place Legal Holds

? Do you make a copy of it or lock it down...results of an eDiscovery Journal reader poll...almost 78% of participants do not believe...quick comparison of the traits of the &ldquo

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Social networking and the retention of “e-communications”

the “system of record”: AIIM...the road, once again I’m reminded of...preserve and dispose of its electronic...And while the majority of e-communications

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