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5 Simple Tools for Virtual Workers

Many organizations are stuck in the "we have always done it like this" way of working: the staff spends 2-3 hours every day commuting to and from work to sit in front of a computer or on the phone. I think future generations will smile (or cry) when they think of how many organizations required staff to be in the office to work in a digital world when we have lots of technologies to support virtual work. A friend of mine spends 2 hours every day commuting to/from work, and she has now worked for her employer for 10 years

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I'm Not Too Old for Web 2.0

I heard all about the differences of how they interact in the work place and their attitudes towards using social media, collaboration tools, and their approach to training and management...I know how to be effective at work in 2010

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Let Strongest Need Drive Development of Social Business Communities

To support lead identification, Jason wants to build better, wider-ranging and more persistent awareness of the work the company is doing for customers and what expertise exists within the company at any given time. Jason’s goal is to increase the number of people with awareness of the work we do and to increase the depth of their awareness

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AIIM Social Business Virtual Conference – A Teaser

The three factors that will be examined are the: (1) Shifting workforce demographic that is altering the composition of gen-Y, gen-X, and baby boomers employees in the workplace (2) Increase in the percentage of knowledge workers needed by companies and industry, and (3) Evolving work patterns that are dramatically impacting how we work

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Enterprise Social Graph - Automate Personalized Knowledge Base Creation

As enterprises adopt some level of social graphing capability, the graph can be mined to produce an implicit pool of answers related to an employee's line of work

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Student Perspectives: An Interview with Don Eichelberger of Johns Hopkins University

For the record, can you provide my readers with some insight as to who you work for and a description of your role? Don: I work for Johns Hopkins University Development and Alumni Relations, Data Administration

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Knowledge Development and Knowledge Sharing

“I was telling someone about you and your work, and she wasn’t sure she knew what I was talking about...“And when you work with KM, knowledge services, and knowledge strategy, how do you get started?

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The Year of Living Dangerously In Knowledge Management

I never categorized my work in records as part and parcel of Knowledge Management—it seemed disloyal...” Bill Kaplan read the interview and contacted CMSWire about his work in KM and employee turnover management

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The Power of Decentralization

What may seem trivial now, the idea of ad hoc collaboration tools was not only against the grain for how our customers worked, but it also broke the model for how their systems captured, tracked, and managed their products

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