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How to Make Content "Intelligent"

There are known taxonomies out there, most proprietary, but they only work for structured and single-purpose document types. 2) Expansion of the CMIS standard to include taxonomy and classification capabilities into XML file structures to enable content re-use and auto and self-classification in context of file/content creation. Standardized file formats need to be able to incorporate metadata from taxonomies and taxonomy projects. cat.php?

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Why Legal, IT, Compliance and Investigators Must Work Together!

Debra Logan undoubtedly convinced the audience that eDiscovery and litigation are not ‘American problems’, that social media is of great concern in eDiscovery, that SaaS and Cloud solutions should be considered when regulators and lawyers are involved, that Legal and IT have to work together to solve eDiscovery problems, and that it is critical for organizations to be proactive about e-Disclosure

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