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Is information downloaded from your DMS secure from intentional/unintentional data leaks?

The frontrunner of these challenges is the security of the information when it is outside the DMS! It is widely known that collaboration and security are competing forces. DMS by virtue of its core functionality to enhance collaboration between users falls short of providing tight security to content when it is outside its realms

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Balancing user productivity & enterprise control

These are facts and they are little shocking: · 45% of the content people need to do their jobs is pulled out of your systems of record and worked on independently – outside your security controls

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It’s 2012 – Prepare for the Cloud!

Plan for Security . Simply put, security is most likely better in a cloud application than it is at your office but many people have a difficult time believing that cloud security is up to the task. Passwords can be applied to both folders and files, strong passwords can be enforced, users can be designated as view or edit – in other words, CIM security is equal to your security in most cases

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How can you secure a mobile, social and cloudy company??

It was challenging but interesting work, and it paid the bills at the time - but there is absolutely no way I would want to manage IT, and more specifically IT security, for anyone today

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China Further Expands Reach of Data Localization Law to Multinationals

” [1] The definition of a CIIO in the Law is ambiguous and described as public-facing entities that maintain “critical information infrastructure that if destroyed, losing function or leaking data might seriously endanger national security, national welfare and the people’s livelihood…” Examples of the sectors subject to this definition include businesses operating in public communications and information services, power, traffic, water, etc., which may very well implicate multinational corporations (Multinationals). On April 11, 2017, the Cyberspace Administration of China released the draft Measures for Security Assessment of Outbound Transmission of Personal Information and Important Data (Draft Measures)

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