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Information Security Checklist: Best Practices for SharePoint

So for true security of data, a layered approach to data security that bases security on the sensitivity of the information (content) itself, or one that is “content-aware”, is required versus just looking at access controls

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How can you secure a mobile, social and cloudy company??

It was challenging but interesting work, and it paid the bills at the time - but there is absolutely no way I would want to manage IT, and more specifically IT security, for anyone today

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UnFUDding Cloud Content Management (a rant)

Without further ado I’ll get into the counter arguments to the author’s “five reasons why cloud file sharing platforms can’t touch document management software platforms from an enterprise functionality standpoint” … Security at all costs – If the author had written something about data residency I would have bought it, probably

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Experts needed to develop new information management certification!

We have already several experts willing to help us on a number of topics, but would like some more experts for the below topics for an in-person workshop in Baltimore Tuesday, May 3, through Thursday, May 5; Digital Rights Management Mobile applications Text analytics Business intelligence Cloud computing Telecommuting support E-discovery Email archiving Security Those who participate in development of the examination will be allowed to take the certification exam at no cost

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