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Going paperless: Cloud-based document management, or enterprise EDMS?

There are also a few standard questions you should ask as you research a third-party electronic document management provider...Is the new electronic document management software designed to work with your current software?

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Paper or Electronic Document Security?

In this age of email and file sharing, you would think most document security issues would be caused by breaches in an electronic document management system

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Document Naming Guidelines in the Private Sector

While there is a lot of freely available information online related to electronic document naming conventions, most (if not all) of these best practices and guidelines come from educational institutions, governments, records and information management organizations, and other non-profit/public sector institutions. Sadly missing are industry-specific document naming guidelines from established companies in the private/corporate sector, such as legal or accounting firms

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Defining Success for Records Management

Here we find records management programs to be fairly mature, many of them established more than a decade ago

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Tweeting for Records Management

I was listening to a day-long presentation on Records Management and developments in the industry by Dr

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With All of This Data, What Must Be Retained as a Record?

paper) Hard-copy documents (paper, fiche) as output by an electronic system or received from third parties Hard-copy documents that have been annotated (electronically or manually) after creation Electronic documents generated or received in electronic form and saved only in electronic form – e.g., as an electronic report, spreadsheets, MS Word docs

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How to choose the right metrics for proving ROI of electronic records management

In a three-part post we will take a look at the vital role of metrics in monitoring the performance of your RM program and demonstrating the ROI of your electronic records management system. It has always been a challenge for records and information management (RIM) professionals to demonstrate the value of their work to an organization. Anyone who has been working in the field for long will be familiar with the refrain, "senior management does not understand why records management is important!" In recent years, the challenge of demonstrating the value of RM has been compounded by the emergence of electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS)

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