Paper or Electronic Document Security?

By Andrew Bailey posted 10-01-2012 17:55



In this age of email and file sharing, you would think most document security issues would be caused by breaches in an electronic document management system.

This is simply not true according to a study by the Ponemon Institute (a leading data security institute based in Traverse City, MI). Their research on the security of paper documents is very enlightening and should be required reading, particularly if you believe paper documents are more secure. Their study is located here.

Earlier this year, a security breach involving the Dassault firm in France resulted in the documents about a secret drone aircraft being stolen. As the author of the article states “The possibility that sensitive documents have been stolen highlights the security problem in carrying paper records – you cannot realistically encrypt the written word”.

It is clear that a properly implemented electronic document management system is much more secure than a paper based system.

Vendors should provide multiple ways of applying security classes to documents as they are being added to the repository without the user having to think about security. Using naming templates in conjunction with security classes makes this much easier to accomplish and provides a high degree of security when it comes to unauthorized people accessing documents they shouldn’t see.

Please take steps to protect the information entrusted to you by your clients whether it’s electronic or paper based. Click here learn more about SAFE and our approach to security.

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