Client Server vs. Hosted Electronic Document Management System

By Dennis Kempner posted 09-04-2014 20:04

Electronic Document Management Systems otherwise known as (EDMS) drive business results by assisting organizations with their documents on a daily basis. These systems work hard so that the company can focus less time, resources, and money on organizing documents. EDMS effectively and efficiently capture, store, retrieve, and use their documents and data. All of the information can later be managed and accessed with great ease allowing for upfront benefits for the company. Within the framework of an Electronic Document Management System, there are two different schools of thought so to speak. There is a Client Server Solution as well as a Hosted Solution. Each of these unique solutions have different benefits and features that can work with you and your company for the best possible results. The Client Server Solution is a document management system that is based upon a Microsoft-Windows/.net optimized System. This type of system can be tailored and developed from Day 1 to begin working on instant document imaging and retention management. through the Client Sever Solution, the user has full control over the server allowing you to maintain and work with all aspects of the system. Through this method, money is saved on renting the server capacity since it is kept and handled by the company itself. The other Electronic Document Management Solution is a Hosted or a Cloud-based Model. Opposing the Client Server Model, a Hosted Model is an off-site document management system that operates online and works through any device connected to the Internet. The biggest positive of this type of system is the freedom to work wherever, whenever. Traditionally with an internal server an office would only have their data backed up to one hard drive, in one place at a time. With the Cloud-based model, the normal means of accessing information are left behind and the company can in return utilize their server solution from anyplace with an Internet connection. Some benefits to this system include the instant access to documents, a smaller internal IT staff which cuts down on costs, as well as a greater ease with finding, locating and using such documents.

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